First Aid Mental Health’s mission is to empower the community to step in to help and support those suffering from mental health issues. Mental Health issues affect 1 in 5 people annually. Yet many people just do not know how to approach a person to talk about mental health or what supports are available. Which is why First Aid Mental Health provide specialist mental health training. We offer the following:

Accessible Mental Health Training

First Aid Mental Health wants to make mental health training affordable and accessible to all. We run fully MHFA accredited courses.  In addition, we’ll design a course that delivers the exact training you need at a price you can afford. We also deliver training on-site at your workplace. As well as this we run public courses so anyone can come and learn about mental health. You don’t need any experience or qualifications.

Easy & Convenient Mental Health Training

To make training convenient we’ll come to you and deliver a course directly to your team. We work with all organisations such as businesses, schools and community organisations.  Besides the standard MHFA 12hour course there are also courses adapted to your needs that last from two to four hours.

Professional Mental Health Training

At First Aid Pro, all our training facilitators dedicate themselves to increasing the awareness of mental health issues in the community. They are highly experienced professionals from health, nursing and social work backgrounds. That’s in line with our commitment to high-quality training from experts in the field. With real-life experience of mental health situations, they’ll give you all the practical skills and confidence you need to step in and offer help to people suffering from a mental health issue.