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Understanding Young People's Mental Health

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How to Know Where To Go and What to Do

Recognising the Signs

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Youth Course

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Youth Course
Recognising the signs
Recognising the signs

Accredited by MHFA to Deliver this Mental Health Training.


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Mental Health Training & Awareness

Mental Health First Aid Australia is a training organisation that specialises in mental health training. First Aid Pro in partnership with MHFA Australia offers a range of mental health courses such as the flagship Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).  We also provide tailor-made mental health awareness courses for businesses across South Australia.

Recognising the signs of someone developing a mental health issue is vital, so that’s what our mental health training courses focus on. Coupled with this, we provide you with strategies for helping someone who is having problems.

Understanding Mental Health

So would you know how to help and support someone suffering from a mental health condition? Could you also recognise the signs that a friend, co-worker or family member may be suffering from a mental health issue? Then you are not alone, which is why we developed the Mental Health First Aid course.

MHFA is the most comprehensive mental health course available in Australia because it addresses all common mental health issues, along with how to spot their symptoms as well as ways to encourage sufferers to get the professional help they need. Another plus is that it is accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia.  It also satisfies the compliance requirements for government and public service organisations.

Accredited Mental Health Training

In addition to our flagship MHFA course we offer a selection of specialist accredited courses including Youth Mental Health First Aid and Gambling Mental Health First Aid.

Custom Mental Health Training

First Aid Mental Health also provides custom-made mental health training courses. We’ll design your course around your schedule and tailor it to mental health issues that may be common in your industry.

For instance, our Recognising The Signs course can be custom-built to your requirements. All you need to do is mix and match modules according to the exact needs of your organisation.

Making a Difference in Peoples Lives

Our skilled facilitators have been rigorously trained by Mental Health First Aid Australia. Because all our trainers have a background in social work or nursing, they have first-hand lived experience of helping people suffering from mental health issues. Dedicated and passionate, our team know what to say and what to do to help you make a real difference in the life of a sufferer. Furthermore, they’ll give you all the skills and confidence you need to help and support a colleague or loved one suffering from a mental health crisis.

Training can be delivered onsite at the workplace or is available at several conveniently located training centres across South Australia.

If you have any queries regarding, please fill our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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Course Instructors

FirstAidPro’s course instructors are all fully trained and are also accredited by MHFA to deliver this mental health training.

For instance, David is a professional trainer who is passionate about improving the quality of life for the disadvantaged. To this end, he dedicates himself to raising awareness about mental health issues. Increasing people’s skills and knowledge in this area so that they can better manage a crisis is his aim.

During the last 26 years he has gained great insight by working with people with a diagnosis of mental illness. Owing to his extensive experience, he is regularly in demand from all sorts of organisations to deliver Mental Health First Aid Courses such as ‘Recognising the signs‘.

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