Standard Mental Health First Aid Refresher Course


Course Name: Refresher: Standard Mental Health First Aid Course (SMHFA)

Face-to-Face Training: 4 Hours
Course Certificate: Issued Same Day
Course Cost: $99
Accreditation: Accredited by MHFA Australia

Accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia

Scheduled Training Courses – Adelaide I Brisbane I Sydney I Melbourne I Hobart I Darwin

What is the Standard Mental Health First Aid Refresher Course?

If you have done the MHFA course, then our standard Mental Health Refresher course is the course to do to update your skills and accreditation. Although it is not as long as the original course, it still takes 4 hours to bring you up to date with the latest developments in mental health. Because we forget things over time, there is a recap of some of the key areas covered in the standard MHFA course. Additionally, there are scenarios and role-playing with colleagues and instructors to reinforce what you know.

Taking the Refresher course provides participants with a further 3 years of Mental Health First Aid accreditation.

Course Content

Basically, the course is designed to update and renew the skills and knowledge learned in the standard MHFA course and includes the following:

  • Overview of the latest research and developments in Mental Health
  • 3 key actions that can help a person feeling suicidal
  • Case studies, scenarios and teachings of real-life mental health interventions you may face
  • Practise ALGEE and general Mental Health First Aid skills

Course Format

Face-to-Face Workshop

The course is delivered face to face over 4 hours.

Prior Learning

The course is only open to participants who have previously taken the standard MHFA course.  Specifically, you can take it 6 months before or 3 months after your standard MHFA accreditation expires.

Covid-19 Precautions

Our highest priority is your health and safety. So COVID-19 social distancing and infection control measures are applied in all of our training facilities. If you are unwell or experiencing any symptoms, then we ask that you contact us to reschedule your training. For further information please email [email protected].

Certification & Accreditation

After the course you will be issued will a Certificate of Completion on the day of the training. Then you take the short online assessment on the Mental Health First Aid Australia Website to receive accreditation which lasts for a further 3 years.