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Registered Nurse Emergency Care Nurse

Sharon McCulloch is the owner of First Aid Pro and First Aid Mental Health. During her time as a registered emergency care nurse, Sharon has dealt with numerous mental health emergencies. So she has hands-on experience in mental health.

As well as that, professional experience in mental health assessments and treatment plans means that she knows how important early intervention is.

She is passionate about educating people on how to recognise the signs of mental illness. That’s because early intervention can make a huge difference. People often don’t seek help for mental health issues thinking they will just pass. However, early intervention and support can prevent a small problem from developing into a huge crisis.

Sharon delivers ‘Recognising the Signs’ training to schools, businesses and charity organisations. She is dedicated to empowering people with the skills needed to step in and help friends and colleagues who may be suffering from a mental health issue.


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David is passionate about improving the quality of life for the disadvantaged. His teaching is all about raising awareness and giving people the skills to address mental health issues.

Over the last 26 years, his work with people with mental illness has given him great insight into the area.

He has facilitated courses for many organisations.

David regularly presents talks about mentally well workplaces.  In addition, he travels regularly throughout Australia to provide Mental Health and Awareness education in ‘Recognising the Signs’.

Workplace Delivery

FirstAidPro delivers in-house training with content developed by Mental Health First Aid.  That content is then tailored to suit client needs. The MHFA Instructors customise the content by using relevant examples.

We recommend adopting a model that addresses the overall workplace culture around mental health.  As well as this, we advise appointing designated Mental Health First Aiders in the same way you appoint First Aid officers. 

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